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Weaving Classes

Spring Class Schedule 

(See class descriptions below)

Weekend class:  Beginning Weaving

Saturday and Sunday April 28th & 29th

9am - 4pm

6 students per class**

$180 per student, $15 materials

**If any students have a portable loom, there could be 8 in a class.  Cost is $160 if you have a loom]

Wednesdays in April:  Beginning Weaving

April 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

10 am - 2pm

6 students

$240 plus $15 materials fee

Reading and Creating Pattern Drafts

Saturday, April 7th  or Wed, May 2nd

10 am – 2 pm

Cost: $40  

Understanding Block and Profile Drafts

Saturday April 14th or Wednesday May 9th. 

Time:  10am – 2pm

Cost:  $40  

Class Descriptions

Beginning Weaving

 4 classes, 4-hours each with open studio time after class. 

  This class covers the basics of weaving from cutting the warp to weaving the cloth. You will learn how to read a weaving draft and make a sampler. We will discuss what yarns use (or to avoid) and how different colors affect the cloth.    There are different ways to set up the loom, and we’ll find the method that suits you the bestDescriptions. If you have a loom, we’ll work with that. There are also looms available to rent if you want to try it out before purchasing a loom of your own.  We will also discuss the different types of looms and how they operate.   If you want a lesson in your home with your loom, a travel fee will be added to the cost.  

  Advanced Beginner Weaving  

4 classes,  2 hours each with studio time after class

    After learning the basics (or if you haven’t woven in a while and need a refresher course), we’ll move on to planning a project.  Which yarns and colors would work best for the project?  What weaving structure would work well?  How do I calculate the yardage needed for the project?  How do I finish the ends of the warp?  We’ll cover this and more in this class.   

Pattern Drafting

If you aren't comfortable reading pattern drafts, this class is for you.  We'll work through drafting step by step to be sure you understand the process.  We will also design patterns and discuss what makes a structurally sound cloth.  

  Block Weaves and Profile Drafting

 1 or 2-day class or workshop Advanced beginner and up

   If you’re ready to move on from duplicating someone else’s projects to creating your own, this is the course for you. In this class we will learn how to make and read profile drafts. Then we will select a profile draft and interpret it in several different weave structures. You’ll be delighted with the many design possibilities that open up to you.   

  Overshot Weaving: Beyond the Basics

 2-day class or workshop Advanced beginner and up 

  Overshot patterns are some of the most popular with weavers of all levels, yet few people move beyond the standard treadling sequences. In this class we will look at some variations on the standard Overshot treadling method Learn how to take one pattern and weave it in several different methods including echo fashion, on opposites, Italian style and more. Each pattern variation creates a totally new look. Student will work on their own looms and have a notebook full of samples when they’re done.  

  Inkle Loom Weaving

 1 or 2-day class or workshop  

 Inkle looms are great for weaving strips for belts, borders, or to piece together for wider cloth. The looms are small, portable and inexpensive. With inkle weaving, the colors determine the pattern. Learn how to select colors, set up the loom, and weave a strap. We will experiment with different weight wefts to see how they affect the pattern and try different techniques for making fringe and such.

    Card Weaving on Inkle Looms

 1 or 2-day class or workshop  

 Basic Inkle weaving is fun, but adding cards to the warp opens up a whole new world of patterning. You can create patterns with diagonal lines, undulating lines diamonds and more. We’ll set the loom up with cards and experiment with the different methods of turning and flipping the cards to create many different patterns.  

Dyeing Classes

  These classes are for small groups in my studio. I can do workshops if you have an area that is appropriate for dyeing.   Materials fees for these classes will cover the yarns, dyes and all necessary supplies.  

  Dyeing with Procion MX dyes

  Fiber-reactive dyes are best for cellulose/plant and synthesized fibers including cotton, rayon, tencil, bamboo. Safety lessons come first. Then you will learn how to prepare the skeins. After discussions on color theory, we will mix the dyes. There are different ways to apply the dyes, and we’ll experiment with a few methods. You will also dye small lengths of yarn to keep as color samples for your records. 


  Dyeing with Acid Dyes 

Acid dyes are great for dyeing protein/animal hair fibers including wool, alpaca and silk. The content of this class will be the same as with the fiber reactive dyes, just geared for acid dyes and protein fibers.   

  Painted Warps Beginner and up 

1or 2-day class or workshop 

Weaving on a painted warp is FUN! Watching the colors shift as the warp advances adds a whole new dimension to weaving. In this class we’ll cut warps with perle cotton yarn then dye them with Procion MX dyes. These dyes are bold and permanent. You will learn safety first! Then we’ll cover basic color theory, how to mix the dyes, applying & setting the dyes. Everyone will have a dyed warp and sample notebook of the many colors you can mix.   

  In the 2-day class we will prepare and dye a second warp with a variety of yarn including cotton, rayon, tencil, silk and such. You’ll get to see how the dyes react with each different type of fiber.


  Dyeing Variegated Skeins 

 Beginner and up 1-day class or workshop

  Whether you use the yarn for weaving, knitting, crocheting or other techniques, it’s wonderful to have a customized color scheme. There are two separate classes for skein dyeing.  

Crochet Classes

Hyperbolic Crochet

Hairpin Lace Crochet

Broomstick Crochet

Tunisian Crochet

Spring Class Schedule

 Beginning Weaving

Wednesdays in April 

April 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th

10am - 2pm 

6 students

$240 per student, $15 materials

See class description under Weaving Classes