Workshops and Classes

Winter Classes


Dressing Your Loom    

Saturday, Jan. 5th, 10-2    or

Tuesday, Jan 8th, 10-2

level:  beginner and up

cost:  $35 [includes materials]

  Are you a new weaver, not totally comfortable dressing your loom?  Are you feeling a bit rusty on the process?  This is the class for you.  Back to front or front to back? I'll  demonstrate both methods and discuss which method is best for you and your loom.  If you're having a particular problem, we can work that out, too.

Intro to Weaving  

Wednesday, Jan 9th, 10-4

level:  beginner

cost:  $85 [includes all materials]

Curious about weaving?    In this quick-start class I'll have the looms dressed and ready to go .  You can jump right in to get a feel for the weaving process.  You will learn different techniques and make a sampler to take home.  I will also talk a bit about dressing the loom and reading a draft.

Beginning Weaving

Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 16th & 17th

Level:  beginner

Cost:  $120  [includes materials]

Learn the basics of weaving as you cut the warp, dress the loom and weave a sampler with various techniques.  This is more in-depth than the Intro to Weaving class.

Basic Pattern Drafting      

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, 10-2 

level:  beginner and up

cost:  $35  [includes materials]

Reading and interpreting drafts can be confusing, but here's a class to help.  First we'll cover all the parts of a draft and how they interact to form the pattern.  Then we'll  learn how to manipulate drafts to get variations and create your own patterns.  

Block and Profile Drafting 

Saturday, Jan. 26th, 10-4   or

Monday, Jan. 28th, 10-4

level: advanced beginner and up

[I recommend beginners take the basic drafting class first.]

Cost:  $45 [includes materials]

If you're tired of following someone else's patterns, you should learn about block and profile drafting.   Understanding the basic concepts of drafting with blocks will open up a new world for you to explore.  When you combine that with profile drafting, all kinds of possibilities appear.  It's time to start designing with confidence!

If there are other classes you would like to see, please contact me.  I have classes for various weaving and dyeing techniques that aren't listed here.